The communication and City Light undergrounding work is progressing on-schedule. All of the trenching in the alley south of Harrison Street has been completed. This week, crews will primarily be working on finishing the remaining trenching in the alley north of Harrison Street.

In order to begin construction on the Cora Apartments, the overhead lines running east-west on the south side of Harrison Street need to be relocated to the north side of street to provide a safe working clearance for workers. To that end, in addition to the crews working in the alley north of Harrison Street, Seattle City Light teams will be working on Harrison Street to relocate the overhead power lines to the north side of the street. In an effort to minimize service disruption to the neighborhood, the new, temporary, lines on the north side of Harrison Street will be installed and energized prior to deactivating the lines on the south side of the street. Neighbors will not experience any service disruption. Work on relocating the overhead lines on Harrison Street is expected to be complete by April 4.

While Seattle City Light is working on relocating the east-west lines on Harrison Street to the north side of the street, crews will be preparing to move the overhead lines in the alley underground, into the newly build trench. Undergrounding in the alley will be completed with overhead lines completely removed by April 22. The following week on April 25, construction on the Cora Apartments will commence!